Negative Ion Wristbands

JOANNE STEWART Can’t recommend these enough. I used to take muscle spasms in my back basically like a cramp and they were extremely painful and had to take muscle relaxants for them. I saw these advertised and thought I would give them a go. I haven`t looked back since, that was about 6 months ago. Brilliant

NANCY ANN CHALMERS Mine is an absolute godsend as it has totally transformed my life! Who would have guessed that one tiny bracelet could make such a huge difference. ionCURVE you are awesome! Huggles

RACHEL OLDFIELD This bracelet was one of the best things I have ever had I was so low before, this bracelet has pushed my energy levels way up

MARIA ANDREWS Takes bout three weeks for effects to kick in but u must leave it on at all times – I sleep amazingly and pain in my fingers has gone. I took band off as my brother was getting married but 4 days of not wearing it the pain was back. Promptly put it back on and within 4 days pain in fingers had lessened x

CLARE EDWARDS Excellent Customer service mine broke and new one received today Thank you x

LINDA ROBERTSON-WILSONG and I adore mine; anxiety levels are down, sleep is better, headaches seem to have gone, energy is up. I feel confident to deal with awkward moments of life …. mind over matter? It helps so what the hell does it matter

DENISE KELLS I got mine a week ago and so far very good been sleeping better

TRACEY ROBINSON I`ve had mine since Saturday and first couple of days didn`t notice a lot but today! Oh my gosh! Woke up refreshed and been on supercharge since 6 this morning it`s amazing. Pink cancer research one btw looks good too

TILLY TRUMPER-FLOSS I`ve worn one for 3 weeks and am definitely sleeping better, but no difference in energy levels, i would still recommend as I`m sure it will work differently for everyone and is better than popping pills!!

SARAH CROFTS Just got my bracelet today so watching this space. And would just like to say what brilliant customer service I received.

ANGELA WHYTE Amazing !! Admittedly I was sceptical but for £10 thought why not……glad I did 2 weeks on my energy levels have increased, my mood has lifted and I am sleeping better – maybe not right through the night but a lot better than before. I`d definitely recommend a try !!

JOANNA YOUNG i wear mine constantly must help with the sleep as i used to get up minimum of4 times a night now down to once a night x

MANDY WYLDE Have got a pink one n I have felt great since the day I got it through the post xxx

KATE DELLER Love mine….cant leave home without it. Only take it off to shower. DefinItely Sleep better thank you

LYNDA HILL Mine was delivered in 2 days and i`m really pleased sleepin so much better energy levels are way up n negativaty levels way down.x

XEEN EVANS Just received my ionCURVE necklace after ordering it last nite, how`s that for super fast delivery . Love it.. I now have the necklace n bracelet… and they do work. My energy levels are high..

DENISE SMITH Thanks so much for the great customer service

CAROLYN BELL Had one for ages love it x

GINA ESPINOSA I have had mine since Friday and I want to be doing rather than sitting……I am sleeping very well also.

SHIRLEY BEARMAN Well I am definitely sleeping way better. Only woke once last night and straight back to sleep after a wee! Slept right through for previous 4 nights…unheard off! Only been wearing band for 8 days!

ANGELA ROWLAND I`ve had mine just over a week and my friends can`t believe I am still speaking/ texting them after 9 o`clock of a night! I feel better in myself even after a really mad and busy week I am awake! My sleep has improved (quality wise) !! Love it !

JOANNE O`REILLYSlept so well since I got mine.

MANDY WYLDEHave been having sleepless nights b4 I got bracelet since I got it i have slept like a log n had friends asking about it x

SAM RAWSONI`m sleeping loads better and so is everyone I bought 1 for! Thanks x

MARIE HICKS Ive had mine a couple of weeks now and ive found my sleeping is better and a slight increase in my energy levels but had hoped for a lot more energy.

KEZZA PICKFORD I have had my band for about a month now and I am sleeping a lot better may wake once in the night but go straight back to sleep my husband is the same with his band I love it!! X

PERI WOODHOUSE Bought one but with an open mind, if it didn`t work id just re sell it. I now sleep thru all night. No broken sleep! I`m so pleased as I would only sleep for a couple of hours a night. I wake In the same position as I fell asleep in. No movement which before all I would do would be to toss n turn. £10 well spent!! So pleased!!!

GILLIAN MUNRO I`ve had mine on for a week. Defo sleeping better!x

MANDY SHERIFF I`ve got one , had it about 4 month , sleeping a lot better now , not slept properly for a couple of years , so I`d say its definitely working , never take it off xx

SARA CRANSONDon`t know about help with muscle spasms not noticed any difference there,BUT I bought mine at the end of December and it has never been off my wrist. After 14years of very poor sleep I can honestly say that I haven`t had a bad night since putting it on and I recommend to all friends that are in the same situation. Believe me when I say that I`m going through enough rubbish in my life right now to stop me from sleeping, but I have a good solid sleep every night of at least 6 hours, double what I`ve had for years. I also seem much more chilled out about things, so I`m not stressing about things I can no longer control. Again I believe this to be through the ion curve. It may be mind over matter and that I just believe it so it is. To be honest I don`t care, try one for yourself and go in open minded, I`m just happy to sleep at night again. Thank you ion curve

JO LOVETT Love mine never take it off x sleep better and have more energy during the day. Best I`ve felt in 2 years x

NICKI DUGGAN Never take mine off. Brill

CAROL GIBSON I have bought one of these to help with my sleeping and I`ve worn it for ova a wk and I`m actually sleeping a lot better!!!

ELAINE RAMSEY I love mine I`ve been full of energy since I started wearing it xx

CINDY YOUNG i`ve had mine for just under a week, and i am sleeping much better, …. maybe its coincidence but i`m really happy …. best £10 i`ve spent in a long time ….

TERESA WESLEY Excellent customer service. ionCURVE helped sort out a problem re another ion wristband company. Thank you

HELEN BOLTONWould like to thank you for the express delivery of my ionCURVE bracelet. I put it on straight away and have to say I am very pleased with the results so far. I have had a tough couple of weeks with my baby teething I am getting the benefits of more energy already. Thank you ionCURVE x

TRACY BARNARD Everyone praises the wristbands, I agree they are great, but what`s even better is the customer service, absolutely fantastic, would highly recommend this company to everyone, great service, thank you

PAULINE MARSTON Wear mine as a bracelet and find it helps just like the ioncurve bracelet .sleep better stress levels are down .just love how good they make you feel .glad I have them .I am a big fan of them all x

NAOMI ECOB I wanted to say thank you. I have suffered from fibromyalgia since I was 8 (22yrs now), this has meant struggling with sleep patterns, extreme tiredness and constant pain. I asked my brother, a biomedical research scientist, if an ion band could help me at all, and he said the research was promising. Anyways, I wear two bands and have done for about two months. My sleep patterns have changed, I`m now sleeping for 4 hours at a time rather than 2. I have more energy during the day, and the biggest miracle…. my pain levels have decreased! I have gone from being in a wheelchair full time to being able to move small distances on my own feet, for the first time in over a year. My pain specialist says that the decreased pain is due to the increased sleep and is now researching ion bands for his other chronic pain patients.I wanted to share my story with you, and say a huge thank you. Your product has changed my life – literally! Now all I need to do is save up and buy two in all the colours so they always match my outfit Thank you, to everyone who has worked to create these bands. Thank you!

NAT CLAXTON Wow didn`t know about these beauty`s

SUZANNE WELLER I am getting a decent nights sleep with ioncurve

REBECCA HADLEY I have the pink breast cancer bracelet and I have had it on for a week. It has helped a lot with depression, sleeping pattern and have so much energy. At first I thought it won`t work, but it does!! I feel positive and because I work in homecare and I used to get really tired easily but now I feel amazing, I think everyone should try it