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ionCURVE wristbands are silicone moulded, tourmaline infused bands. These emit 2000cm³ of negative ions which have a host of lifestyle benefits. Each Negative Ion wristband is carefully checked to ensure it carries the correct amount of tourmaline to give all the amazing effects to the wearer.

They come in 12 great colours. There are 4 sizes, Extra Small ( XS=16cm ), Small ( S=17.5cm ), Medium ( M=19cm ) and Large ( L=20.5cm ).

ionCURVE wristbands can be worn 24 hours a day – they deliver their best benefits when worn in such a manner. They are perfectly safe in water or indeed any environmental conditions just like a normal wristwatch or beaded bracelet – the silicone is 100% waterproof.

All ionCURVE bands are individually packaged in stylish, modern, presentation boxes and delivered by first class mail making them excellent gifts for others as well as for yourself.

Use a tailors tape measure to measure your wrist as shown in the photo to the left. We recommend you add at least 1cm to be comfortable – use the tape measure to determine what works for you.

Some of the great benefits of Negative ions include

Health Sport Sleep Energy
Decrease Stress Fast Recovery Time Reduced Fatigue Improved Reaction Time
Increased Alertness Enhanced Endurance Improved sleep patterns Increased Vitality

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What size do I need to order?
Measure your wrist using a tape measure or string and choose the size closest to your wrist measurement according to the sizing guide above.

Should your ionCURVE band be worn tight on the wrist?
How tight you were the band is based on personal preference, but we recommend allowing some play for the movement on the wrist.

How long will my ionCURVE band last?
The tourmaline inside the ionCURVE wristband is powdered then mixed into the silicone. This means your band will never run out, however it may start to look worn at about 12 months. The effects should still be the same and they will always make you look good 😊

Can ionCURVE bands get wet? i.e. are they waterproof?
Yes they are 100% waterproof, so you can high-dive and swim the English channel with no worries.

Who can wear the ionCURVE band?
Everyone can benefit from wearing the ionCURVE band, including young children and the elderly. There is no physical or age requirement, you will all look awesome 😊

Do I wear it 24/7 and should I?
Yes- Your ionCURVE band can be worn 24/7. But it is course up to you, it may not help your sleeping patterns etc. if you don’t wear it constantly.

Can I wear my ionCURVE band while pregnant?
ionCURVE bands do not contain magnets or other harmful ingredients, however if you have concerns about the silicone band we would recommend your consult your doctor before trying our product if you believe you may have an allergy.

Can I wear move than one ionCURVE band?
Yes- Many people wear more than up to 2 at a time. If you find yourself feeling lightheaded or over stimulated, reduce the number you wear although note this has never yet been reported.

Can I wear my ionCURVE band on my ankle?
Yes- You will need the appropriate size, which may be slightly bigger than your wrist, you also must allow for the ankle joint when walking so we recommend a size up from what you expect. ionCURVE band worn as a

nkle bracelets look very cool 😊

Is there a certain way to wear my ionCURVE band?
No- it can be worn either with the hologram on the outside or facing in. Although to look awesome we recommend wearing them in the way shown.

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X-Small 16cm, Small 17.5cm, Medium 19cm, Large 20.5cm


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